The construction industry is dynamic in nature even more within a COVID-19 environment in Victoria.  It is due to this dynamic that Impact Apprentices has stepped up during this time to provide quality services within the industry.

Our Friendly staff are working tirelessly to provide great service and quality staff, so in this time of reflection it is our delight to express a great celebration that our license to provide Labour hire services has finally come to fruition.

Our license formalises and cements our commitment to the industry as well as the commentment to the number of apprentices and staff we have at Impact Apprentices.  We congratulate all people involved in this process as well as the awesome work we are all doing in this changed industry.

It is these events that reward the efforts for all that are involved at Impact Apprentices.  The license is supplied by the Labour Hire Authority and is a mandatory license required by any business that provides one or more labour service individuals to another company.  The process required to gain the license is rigorous and thorough.  Our license was granted on the 25th August after 13months.  Our license is VICLHL04424  and a copy of the certificate can be obtained by filling in our contact us form.

If you are seeking an apprenticeship, or are an employer seeking an apprentice level workforce, check out our information pages.  These contain more details surrounding the process and what our services entail.

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Impact Apprentices Pty Ltd was formed in September 2014 and has seen an enormous growth in apprentice numbers, which is a testament to the quality of service and quality of Workers we employ. Although a newly formed business, the experience with working within the electrical industry, group training and apprentice services exceeds 50 years.

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