Host Client Obligations

The Host is required to

Provide adequate supervision (by A Grade Electricians for Apprentices) to each worker, either by constant Broad or general Instruction in accordance with ESV supervision guidelines.

Maintaining a working environment that is safe and without risk to the Health and Safety of the Workers.

Provide information and supervision to the workers in such languages as are appropriate, with respect to health and safety in the workplace, including the names of persons to whom workers may make injury reports or complaints in relation to health and safety;

Allow Impact Apprentices P/L representatives to interview workers at any time.

Ensure workplace supervisors have current working with children accreditation, when hiring apprentices or trainees under the age of 18.

Ensure that each worker is appropriately trained and/or licensed to use any equipment or machinery on site prior to the use of that equipment or machinery.

Ensure each worker works in a safe and harassment free environment in accordance with Federal and State legislation.

Ensure workers complete weekly time sheets setting out hours of Work for the week as well as allowances.

Check and countersign all weekly timesheets.

Comply with all State and Federal Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Anti-discrimination legislation.

Have adequate public liability insurance cover and make proof of such cover available to Impact Apprentices P/L on request.

Immediately report any injury suffered by any worker to Impact Apprentices P/L.

Employing or engaging persons who are suitably qualified in relation to Occupational Health and Safety

and who are able to provide advice to the Client in relation to the health and safety of the workers, including procedures to minimize effects of the COVID 19 Virus Provide alternative work in the event of inclement weather conditions or other external factors that prevent a job from being completed.

Nominating a person with, or persons, each with an appropriate level of seniority to be the clients representative or representatives. Generally making sure that measures are in place to ensure that the workplace and the means of access to and egress from the workplace are safe and without risk to the health and safety of the workers; and ensuring each worker participates in site inductions, where applicable, and reporting the participation of each worker in the induction to Impact Apprentices P/L.

Impact Apprentice contact details:

Stephen McKay 0488398667
Peter Allen 0409830146
Natasha Tanoto 0448718105
Office 03 9041 0281

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