Thinking About Hiring An Apprentice

Going round in circles looking for an answer?
It’s all too hard!
Contact Impact Apprentices Pty Ltd and
we will guide you through the options
available to ease your stress.

No need to stress we can do this for you.
In most cases we will already have
apprentices to match your needs.

In most cases this is a difficult decision for
any employer. With Impact Apprentices,
there is no requirement to hire for 4 years.
You can hire the apprentice for as long as they are required.

We know that one size does not fit all.
We work closely with our hosts to ensure
all parties are working well.

Dedicated Apprentice Officers can do this for you, by collating information from the Supervisor, A Grade Electrician and the apprentice, to ensure profiling requirements are being met.

A realistic possibility in today’s climate and again Impact Apprentices can help ease the stress.By hiring from Impact Apprentices, if work dries up, simply call your Impact Apprentice contact and advise them of the need for apprentice return.

This is the main issue for employers and one that seems to be equally confusing. In some cases, the employer’s first response is that the cost for an apprentice is very expensive. An employer thinks only of the paid hourly rate and not the added financial commitments that go with hiring apprentices, whether directly or through labour hire such as; school fees, annual Leave, annual leave loading, tools, Protective clothing, insurance, work cover, superannuation. public holidays, RDO’s, payroll tax, Fares, travel allowances and sick days. Not to mention the annual increases to wages through NES Awards or Enterprise Agreements.

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Let us ease the STRESS

Impact Apprentices can assist you in meeting your contractual obligations either on short or long term arrangement, the choice is yours.

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    Impact Apprentices Pty Ltd was formed in September 2014 and has seen an enormous growth in apprentice numbers, which is a testament to the quality of service and quality of Workers we employ. Although a newly formed business, the experience with working within the electrical industry, group training and apprentice services exceeds 50 years.

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